3D Printing Services: An Experience Similar To Turning Imaginations Into Reality

Although 3D printing is a relatively new approach in the manufacturing industry, the concept of 3D printers was developed way earlier. Records suggest that 3D printing was conceptualized in Japan in the late 90s. Hideo Kodama came up with manufacturing using a layer-by-layer approach that forms the basis for modern 3D printers. These printers use a computer-simulated three-dimensional design of an object and build it using a layer-by-layer method. This technology is entirely new but is relatively revolutionizing compared to other recent manufacturing technologies. 3D printing services are being used in the majority to produce models and sample products along with final products. 

3D Printing

The process of 3D printing is also popularly known as additive manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. The name additive manufacturing can be explained by the strategic addition of layer over layer of material to create a final object in three dimensions. It can also be understood as the exact opposite of the subtractive manufacturing process. However, 3D printing is becoming more critical in the manufacturing industry due to its ability to produce complex structures economically. 3D printing face mask or 3D printing T-shirt is not an uncommon thing nowadays. 

The Process Of 3D Printing

3D printing services can be used to create numerous products. The innovative technology used in the printers enables them to print even the most complex of engineering designs with the least possible material wastage. This is the reason 3D Printing Face Mask, 3D Printing T-Shirt, or manufacturing other objects using 3D printing is being a trend. However, the complete process of manufacturing an object from a simulated design is quite complex and delicate. This requires the printers to be stable during the whole process. The entire process of printing a 3D object from its computer software simulation is explained below:

  • Modeling- Modeling an object is the first step to creating a three-dimensional version of it. Modeling an object means the thing to be printed is designed in a special kind of computer software called computer-aided designing software or simply CAD software. The necessity of using CAD software to create the required shape can be explained with the software’s capabilities to successfully store three-dimensional data of the design in an additive file in the computer.
  • Printing- During the printing process, a 3D CAD model of the object in an additive file is read by the computer. The data for creating individual layers specific to the object’s information is transferred from the file to the moving mechanism of the printer. The smartly designed printing mechanism manufactures coatings over preceding layers in a delicate manner. This accounts for the efficiency of 3D printing and its economy. 
  • Finishing- The finishing is the final step of 3D printing in which the last remaining details of a design are added to the object. Famous finishing steps include finishing, adding solvents, and so on. The finishing step can also eliminate any imperfection due to previous printing processes.
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