Bridge the gap of transaction with monese app by using Monese invite code

The installation process of the money banking app

You can open a money account if you live in any of the 31 countries in the European economic area. To start, you simply have to download or install the money app from your mobile. This app will be like your branch, telephone banking, and online banking all rolled into one. This is not only where you apply but where you manage everything to do with your bank. Once you have downloaded the app you can begin the account opening process start by selecting open a free account or you can use the Monese invite code which is FAISA285 and you will get 50 dollars free cash.

After you select to open a free account, it will first ask for your email, home address, and Monese invite code if you gave one. Once you have done that and you can agree to the terms and conditions it will then ask you to create a passcode and this passcode will be used to gain access to the app and later on you will be able to enable touch ID if your device has that enabled. It will then ask you to check your email to verify your email address. After your email is verified it will then prompt you to open up the app again. The next step is to verify your mobile number and this is done by the standard way of sending you a text with a unique code that you will enter into the app just to verify. The app has a really small feature when it comes to home addresses so just use the map to select the location and the app will automatically fill in the address details.

It will then ask you to select the currency in which you want your account to be. if you are from the UK the app might ask for your passport or residence permit card. You have to take a pic of one of them. You can leave the app and come back on receiving a notification and when you get back on the app they do ask you to record a selfie video and will give clear instructions. After this, you can start the final stage of the account where they will ask you your employment status, how much money you plan to put into the account, and will you be using this as your main bank account.

Money card

Once the sign-up has been complete and you have selected your plan you are then promoted to use one of the main features of money which are the virtual cards. This means whether you want to order a physical card or not straightway you can use the virtual cards to begin spending on your account. You can do this by connecting your free virtual card to your apple pay or your google pay or whatever you are available with for contactless payments that accept MasterCard. The card will be added to your apple wallet or google wallet within seconds.

If you decide that you want a physical wallet, you can order it. Now, the cards on the simple plan are technically free but you do have to pay 4 pounds for delivery. Understand that there is a cost involved with producing a card and sending it out but a lot of banks including their competitors do it all for free. 

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