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Do you know about capital on Top? It is a credit card designed by WebBank for small & medium size business owners who want to separate their personal and professional purchases, plus it comes with various benefits. You can apply for a capital on the Top business credit cards through your Capital on the Tap accounts. And if you apply right now with a Capital on tap code, you can get € 75 credit on your account with the successful opening of your account. It is valid only for new applicants of this year who will apply in February, March, and April.

How does the Capital on Tap card work?

Capital on Tap card allows you to spend money quickly and get a business loan without any hassle.

Why use Capital on Tap card?

The Capital on Tap card has many benefits which will be beneficial for your business as they believe that accessing funds for your business should not be delayed, and the method should not be complex, so they strive to help businesses with their quick transaction services.

Benefits of Capital on Tap card

Credit facility

They give credit facilities up to € 100,000 for their users.

Link your account

You can link capital on tap account with other accounts and easily transfer money by keeping track of your spending. The accounts you could link to the capital on the tap account are Xero account, QuickBooks, Sage Cloud, FreshBooks, KashFlow, and FreeAgent.

No account charges or FX and ATM charges

They do n0t charge for account openings, transfer of money and using FX or ATM.

56 days interest-free

After the opening of the account and generation of the card, you will get the next 56 days interest-free.

Points and rewards

You can earn one point on every one euro you spend, and with 10,000 points, you can redeem € 100 cashback. Now, you can get €75 on your card activation when you do a transaction within 30 days of your card activation. You can earn 10,000 Avios points when you spend €5000 within 3months.

Easy business loans

You can get a business loan easily, from your COT card and have money on time.

Build your credit profile

With its simple & easy credit facilities, you can build a good credit profile, which will eventually help you in financial matters.

How does the promo code work?

You can use the capital on tap code, you can get from here, copy-paste it in the Promo Code field of application form of Capital on Tap credit card and apply for your card. You will get €75 in your account on your successful activation of the card.

What do you need for capital on tap cards?

You can easily get a Capital on Tap credit card, but the below points are a must, so read the points carefully.

  • You must be a business owner of SME or MSME
  • The annual Turnover of the company at least should be £24,000 per annum
  • At least have an experience of 12 months in trading
  • Credit score 670 or higher than that

Final thoughts

The capital on tap credit cards are boons for SMEs in the UK as the business owners get various benefits, which will help them in their business. So, don’t wait and grab your COT card with the capital on tap promo code.

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