Spending your savings on the useless thing? Put your money on chip with chip promo code

Chip is a savings app that offers many great features and many different accounts. There are so many banking apps that you can use and there many many yet to be discovered but with Chip, there is no thinking that needs to be done. Firstly it is ICO registered which is a data protection public register and it is FCA approved which stands for financial conduct authority and they are the financial regulatory body in the UK.

They also use encrypted data which is the standard for many banking apps. The chip uses the latest banking technology which allows you to link up your bank accounts and make them active for easy transactions and the chip promo code will give you many advantages which you will enjoy if you are newly registered to the app. 

A Walkthrough chip savings app

The interest rate has changed to 10 grand as it was 5 grand so, you can get a 2.5 interest rate on 10 thousand pounds if you are at the chip AI plan and you have the access to the chip plus on the account. The first tab you come into is the home tab which is similar to money books but you have got two different tabs at the bottom. The first one is home on the far left and it shows you your total balance it pretty much has all of the shortcuts to all of the different features. If we move over to the accounts tab, you will find different types of accounts. There will be a chip which will be at the bottom which is the book standard no interest rate bank account.

You will have your HTB which might be at capacity and you will not be able to open this if you do not have it at the moment. At the top, you will get your chip plus one savings account which is the one that pays the interest. It will show you all your history and your next bonus payout which is quite good because it encourages you to put money in there or keep it there if you are one of those people who are always taking out the savings and if you use the promo code in the other version it will yield you more. It will also show you the history and a little chart which will show you different amounts of money that you have put in and taken out along your journey. By clicking on the bonus payout, you will be able to see your interest building up which roughly happens every 6 weeks. 

There will be shortcuts to deposit and withdraw and if you click on the info you can view your account statements and autosave allocation which you can cover somewhere else. You thing you should note is that you can not transfer money between chip accounts so you would have to take it out and you will have to withdraw it to another bank and then deposit it into the other one. You can not yet transfer them between chips accounts. You will also not be able to use the investing tab as it will not be available if you are still in the beginning stages of development. If you want to invest then you can unlock it do some investing with them. They will have investment funds that will be powered by black rock and if you need more information about it then you can go on their page and see what they offer but they do have both stocks and shares and an investment account.

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