Try Your Hands-On Kink Quiz: Know More About Your Inner Desires

Sexual kinks are so much taboo in society that you probably are browsing this post on incognito. Foot fetish or bondage no matter what your kinks and desires are, exploring them is usually an arduous task. Wondering what turns you on? Is it food on your partner’s body that turns you on, or is it sexy uniforms?

Pandemic and ongoing lockdown changed the dynamics of the sexual lives of most people. As a result, most people shy away from talking and discussing their desires, sexual preferences, and fetishes with their partners. Your desires could be an intricate image of you with your partner in a hot bondage scene or epic fantasy of controlling your partner. The first step to get kinky is to know what kinky means for you. Let this post break it down for you, explore, and learn more about your desire.

Kinky: Arouse your Inner Desires and Know what would turn you on the Most

While pandemic served some people as a heaven time to stay with their partner and dwell up to their desires, some people were locked down at home with no option to explore and experience what is it to feel voluptuous and sexy.

Times have changed, and now millennials do discuss their kinks in close circles. BDSM, bondage, and erotic but absurd fetishism are widely accepted now. As long as the kinks and needs of someone are safe and consensual, there is no problem in exploring them. Not only it strengthens the intimacy and bond between the two, but it also spices up the sex life and does not keep your partner away from you.

Most Popular Kinks and What do they mean: Amalgam of Romance and Ultimate Sexual Pleasure

Stale sex life? Increased Pressure and workload? All you need to do is get that fire back in your relationship. The perfect way to do this is to get to know your kink and explore accordingly. During the lockdown, according to researches and surveys conducted, some famous types of desires are listed down below.

  1. Virtual sex -It’s for a reason why we see so much phone and video sex these days in every romantic plotline movie. Reputed by the option to enjoy from anywhere anytime, virtual sex includes sexting, sex parties, virtual threesomes, porn, or an app-controlled toy play. One can send audio moans or enjoy the intimacy by connecting over a video call.
  2. Are you Dom or Sub? Power and control are crucial for an amazing experience. Dominance could be experienced in a ton of ways. All one needs to do is find a way around it. See what suits you and your partner best, take control, and give directions to your partner for an ultimate dominant sex experience. If you love being submissive, enjoy taking commands, abiding by rules, and be ready for bone-shivering pleasure.
  3. BDSM – Often misunderstood as harmful and mentally unsafe, BDSM is no more a taboo for many people in the 21st century. BDSM is a broad term for bondage, discipline, and dominance & submission is the most popular kind of kink now. Nothing can beat the ultimate experience of romance created by the combination of sex toys and desires. Shop your favourite stuff like vibrators, whips, and lube to get kinky and sexy.
  4. Control Orgasms -Controlling orgasm by drifting away, teasing, pushing, and denying or extending the orgasm is another very popular kink amongst the gen-z. Have sex like never before and control your partner’s masturbation and restrict your partner from masturbating while you are away to spice up things.
  5. Anal Play -Intense but a fancy way to enjoy the pleasure! Doing it from the back was always ah-mazing to many people who have tried this quite famous kink anal play. Get a lube, indulge in erotic conversation, tease and enjoy the erotic pleasure and sense of euphoria running down your veins.
  6. Hybristophilia -If you love the idea of being kidnapped by a criminal or make love to a bad boy, Hybristophilia is the kink for you. This is what makes most women fall in love with Britney Spear’s song, Criminals. As tempting as it is, you can ask your partner for a role play to match the scenarios and your fantasies.

No matter what your kink is, ultimate pleasures and incredible experiences would follow. So get to know about your inner sexual desires and attempt the kink quiz now!

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