What are the recommended coffee machines?

It is said that the taste of coffee is determined by “80% of beans and 20% how to brew”. No matter how specific you are about beans, you can’t bring out the original taste of coffee unless it’s brewed with a good coffee machine. So, this time, for those aiming to have a cup of coffee, choose the right type of coffee machine with the following points.

Do You need a coffee machine to Smack the taste of the café?

In the café, a shop says, “We only offer coffee extracted one cup at a time with a hand drip.” recently, this retro extraction method is becoming a secret boom that looks fresh to the younger generation. Still, the hand drip type requires professional skills and is not something that anyone can deliciously brew.

What kind of coffee machine is there?

Generally speaking, “coffee” refers to the drip type, but more. Still, more and more people enjoy espresso, cappuccino, café latte, etc., and coffee machines are introducing drip type and espresso machines.

It is a coffee machine that has been popular since ancient times, but now it has much-improved performance and can provide a taste almost the same as hand-drip coffee. Two types use paper filters and those that use metal mesh filters. Metal ones do not require filter replacement, so there is no cost.

There are many ways to hand-drip, but for example, extracting coffee using a paper filter can take the following effort:

  1. boil water. Keep extracts and cups warm, such as drippers, and servers
  2. set a paper filter in the dripper
  3. to
  4. grind the coffee beans with a mill. suitable for paper drips is medium-thin grinding (granularity about granulated sugar)
  5. put the ground beans in a dripper and flatten the surface
  6. Pour the First Hot Water. Thin, Quiet, Pour About 20cc, And Steam for About 20 Seconds.
  7. Pour the hot water for the second time. It pours gradually and significantly from the center, like drawing the character of “no” clockwise. the amount of hot water is about 80cc
  8. When the second hot water is low, and the center of the powder is hollowed, pour about 40cc of hot water for the third time.
  9. Pour about 20cc of hot water for the fourth time and adjust the thickness.
  10. Pour the coffee dripping on the server into a heated cup.

Disadvantages of Hand Drip Type

Drip type that requires such advanced technique, if done by unfamiliar one, the taste will be blurred every time it is brewed. The most significant disadvantage of hand dripping is that the taste changes depending on the person. Since it is impossible to leave the place during the drip, it will also add a delimit such as hindering service in stores where there is not enough. For this reason, coffee machines that can always extract coffee with a stable taste with a single switch have attracted attention and have been introduced in most cases. You can have one such at https://cromwellcoffeehouse.co.uk/.

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